​Fancy Alpine
Raikowski Farm grows grass raised beef & pastured pork, chicken and turkey.  All Natural practices are used at Raikowski Farm and animals have access to outdoors and shelter year round.  Their meat is frozen and sold by the cut - we have a good variety of cuts available.  Other products from Raikowski Farm include seasonal produce, canned goods, and eggs.
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The Market on Strongs
e-mail us at: Marketonstrongs@gmail.com
find us at 1332 Strongs Avenue, Stevens Point, WI 

Raikowski Farm
When Irene joined The Market on Strongs she was producing Polymere clay jewelry - beautiful pendants that she created herself.  As The Market has grown, so has Irene!  There was a need for handmade soaps and natural products for the body and home - Now, Irene! produces these too.  Soaps, Lotions, Body Butter, Lip Balm, Shaving Soap and so much more - many scents - all natural ingredients! 
Sheepy Hollow Farm
Sheepy Hollow Farm raises Wool and Hair breed sheep - their herd is grass fed and we sell their meat frozen and by the cut. Samantha is an expert in all things lamb and even herd dog training. Check out Sheepy Hollow's facebook page to learn more about them and to get connected with Samantha.
Scroll down to learn about some of our producers and their products.
Raikowski Farm - meat and other farm raised products
Sheepy Hollow​ - Sheep Farm - meat, fleeces and fiber
Irene! - Home made soaps and lotions & Polymere Clay Jewelry
Dawn's farmhouse bakery - Pot Pies, Pasties, Pizzas and more.​
Fancy Alpine - Goat Milk Lotion

Other products:
Tapped Maple Syrup        Redwood Street Roasters
Oasis Bee Company          Lowland Bison
Siren Shrub                    Blue Willow - scents/soaps/personal products

Cheese, Milk, Butter, Pasta, Beans, Flour, Rice 
Candy Case!!! Awesome Truffles and so much more....
Zorlan Acres - egg producers
Dawn's Farmhouse Bakery
Fancy Alpine lotion is made by Shelley in small batches with goat milk from her own goats when ever possible. She offers a variety of scents in several different size containers for your convenience. This lotion is so good for your skin and if you prefer unscented, that is available too!